Automatic Sliding Gates

Steel Corp about us

Steelcorp can provide automatic sliding gate opening solutions for new gates or your existing gates (subject to inspection and approval).

We have Automatic Sliding Gate opening motors, control systems and accessories from Somfy and Automatic Technology suitable for residential or commercial properties.

Steelcorp’s experienced and qualified team will work with you to design and install the automatic sliding gate that suits you best.

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Things to consider with Automatic Sliding Gates

  • How heavy are your gates: This will impact the type of motor used
  • How often are the gates used each day/week.
  • Is pedestrian access required as well as vehicle access
  • Gate Style: A solid gate will generate more resistance than a gate with “Grill” or vertical uprights.
  • Slope or angle: The angle or slope of the ground that the gate has to slide over will be a significant factor.
  • Driveway surface: Are the gates rolling over concrete, gravel or other type of surface?
  • Battery/Solar Back Up required? Allows you to operate the gate even during power cuts
  • Gate Surrounds: How much room is available for installing the motor. Will it be above or below ground
  • Additional control panels: do you require an indoor control to open the gates for tat extra convenience
  • Intercom: Do you need intercom with audio or both video and audio?
  • Single gate or dual gate operation?
  • Do you want use the same remote control for both your gate and garage door?