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Steelcorp can provide the right accessories for your automatic gates so you can let the right people into your property. We have control panels, intercoms, antennas, solar and battery back up and more from Somfy and Automatic Technology suitable for residential or commercial properties. Steelcorp’s experienced and qualified team will work with you to select the accessories that create the right automatic gate solution for your needs.

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Intercom WT

Speak to and identify your guest from the security and comfort of your house and open or close the gate with this wall mounted unit.

Wireless Key Pad RTS

Access without remote control With the radio-button keypad, you can control up to 2 motorised units (gate and garage door) by entering a secret code.

TrioCode™ Transmitters

Increasingly, the electronic interference of wireless and cordless devices jams out door and gate transmitters. TrioCode™ overcomes this challenge by simultaneously transmitting on three different frequencies, so even if two are jammed, the TrioCode™ transmitter will still work.

TrioCode™ Weather Resistant Keyring Transmitters

Featuring all of the benefits of TrioCode™ technology, this sleek unit is also splash resistant.

Being caught out in a sudden shower or suffering backfire from a garden hose are no longer concerns for your transmitter, as the smart new design will continue to operate first time, every time.

Key Releases

Providing a secure access option outside to the garage, the external key release is available in wired and manual release options.

Single & Dual Channel Receivers

Available in both TrioCode™ and SecuraCode® technology, stand alone receivers connect to other compatible non-Automatic Technology appliances around your home allowing you to activate them with your AT transmitter.

PE Beams

Protect your family with PE Safety Beams. As soon as an object or person moves through the invisible safety beam the door or gate will stop or reverse to avert serious damage being done.

Back-up battery

Your garage door will operate even in a power cut. Means your door will operate automatically in the event of a power cut. It is rechargeable and will open and close the door 10 times in 24 hours. Fully rechargeable automatically in 48 hrs.


The SmartSolar™ system makes it easy to automate gates and garage doors on unpowered sites, and provides the option for eco-friendly automation if desired.

Compatible with most Automatic Technology residential openers.

Key Pad WT

Opens the gate, fully or for pedestrians, by means of a key. Surface-mounted at the entrance to your property.

Wireless Wall Switch RTS

Opening without remote control To control door opening and lighting independently from inside the garage.

SecuraCode® Transmitters

SecuraCode® code hopping technology generates a new random code from over 4.29 billion possibilities with each use of a transmitter.

This ensures that with such odds only your transmitters will ever open your gate or door, and that once a code is used it cannot be reused by “code grabbing” devices for unauthorised entry.

TrioCode™ Wireless Keypad

Be it returning from a bike ride, the kids coming home from school, or the pool cleaner arriving while you’re at work, the weatherproof wireless keypad allows access without a transmitter. With back lit numbers for day or night use, multiple users can have unique codes for specific door and gate access.

Key Pad WT

Opens the gate, fully or for pedestrians, by means of a key. Surface-mounted at the entrance to your property. Weather-resistant housing. Supplied with 2 keys.

MegaCode® Four Channel Receiver

Capable of operating four separate devices, the RX-4 MegaCode Receiver uses a menu driven control system with LCD display to make management of up to 511 transmitters and various operating inputs easy!

Battery Backup

In the event of power failure, you can rely on your gate providing the security and convenience of automation. This smart item also features a self protection system to prevent damaging total discharge of the battery.

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